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'Jumpers for goalposts' - Sailing and the mainstream media

'Jumpers for goalposts' - Sailing and the mainstream media

Much has been written over recent years on the potential of sailboat racing to make an impact on the mainstream sporting media. We asked someone who should know - Tim Gow, the sports news editor of the Daily Express newspaper in England - for his take on the challenges our sport faces in trying to break into the mainstream.

Jumpers for goalposts. It’s not often that I would hold up Ron Manager - the fictional soccer club manager from British comedy series The Fast Show - as the very epitome of wisdom, but bear with me.

[Ed note. Non-British readers can check out Ron's pearls of wisdom in this video.] 

Football dominates the sporting media landscape, and those three words sum up why. Dear old Ron would spout them as he lost himself in reveries of childhood games, and somehow we all knew what he was talking about. Because everyone plays football.

Whether it’s at the Bernabeu in front of millions or in your back garden in front of the dog. With jumpers for goalposts. It’s the same game and everyone gets it.

There are domestic leagues, European leagues and championships, World Cups, and at the end of each a clear winner. Bar-room banter will never quite settle on who’s the best player – but at least the argument takes place on a level playing field.

But who is the best sailor in the world? Which is the best crew? The best boat? Whose is the greatest achievement, the highest award?

Impossible, isn’t it?

Now, I love sailing. I wouldn’t say I’m any good at it, but I am proud to be... READ THE FULL ARTICLE

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